Family Crest

Want a yourname@mazurkiewicz.com email address?  Depending on demand and if yourname isn't already taken, you can request to have a mazurkiewicz.com email redirect (if you're a Mazurkiewicz). 

An email redirect is, if someone emails yourname@mazurkiewicz.com (where yourname is your name) that email will be redirected to your current email address.  You can't send mail from this mazurkiewicz.com email address since it's only an email redirect.  Example, if you emailed foo@mazurkiewicz.com it would be redirected to bar@hotmail.com (noting that both foo@mazurkiewicz.com and bar@hotmail.com are fake emails).

Email me at eric '@' mazurkiewicz 'DOT' com with your request.  Include the email address that you want your mazurkiewicz.com email redirect to be directed to.  To reduce SPAM to other mazurkiewicz.com addresses, I won't provide a list of inuse mazurkiewicz.com email addresses.  But, if you request one that's already taken, I'll let you know and make some suggested choices for you to consider.  Also, note that I've put my email address with '@' and 'DOT' to reduce SPAM, so when emailing me, you'll have to put that into the correct format.