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Mazurkiewicz.com is owned by Eric and Frank (Eric's Dad) and maintained by Eric.  But, we consider all Mazurkiewicz' to be part of Mazurkiewicz.com.  Over the years, I've heard from Mazurkiewicz' from all over the world and from the.  When requested, I've added links to their web sites (assuming they are family friend web sites).

Recently, there have been a lot of us Mazurkiewicz' on Facebook.  there is even a Mazurkiewicz Family Facebook group.  If you're on Facebook, you should join.

And, another Mazurkiewicz maintains a Mazurkiewicz Family Tree.  If you're a Mazurkiewicz, see if you're already listed in the family tree and if you're not, you can request to be added.  Over time, I'll be interested to see if and where our family trees cross.

Because I haven't had time to move all of the content from our old site, into our re-worked site, you can still access the old pages from here.